Is it time to get your sh...ahem...act together?

I'm Melinda, and I want to be your "side of fabulous." 

I help people create:

clarity and focus
strategy and solid game plans
and a little fabulous

in their home, work, and life.

Look. I get that all of this can feel super-tedious and boring AF. Which is why I make it entertaining...literally.

No really. The proper, correct meaning of literal. My background is in the performing arts (musician, actress, singer, and professional ballroom dancer), and I know that if you can have fun with this work, you'll actually suck it up and do it. 

One day, you might even...dare I say it? Enjoy it!

Or not...but I bet you'll hate it less.  

So come on, let's have some fun and get you organized!

I’m SO thankful to you. Going through the emotional process with you has been the best thing ever for me. Now I can easily let go of what I don’t need without second thought. Being on the other side is very liberating.
— H.C. - Fort Worth, TX
Thank you for the permission to be fabulous! (It’s working!)
— S.C., Ft. Worth, TX

No matter what it is you want to do whether it's organize your home, market your business, write a book, and more, the formula to make it happen is simple: 


Set the goal.

Create the strategy.

Remove what is in the way.

Take action on what moves you towards your goal.

Celebrate reaching your goal!


Though order and organization can feel extremely boring and limiting (I get it...there are times it feels stifling to me too), it's that structure that allows everything else to flow. 

As we work through this formula together, you'll receive: 

  • Accountability. It's easier to get to your goals when you have an "accountabilibuddy." 
  • Outside, unbiased opinion. When we've been "in it" for too long it's often challenging to see other solutions. 
  • Motivation. Things are always easier with a cheerleader.
  • Creativity. When what you've tried isn't working, it's time to get creative with alternative options.
  • Focus. Things are coming at us at the speed of the internet and it's easy to get distracted. I help you keep on target.

Where do you need clarity and organizationhelp? Click a category below to get started.

PSST: it's absolutely OK if you need help with more than one or even all of these things.