When a Sale isn't a Sale

A sale doesn't always save you money.  Just because an item is on sale doesn't make it a good deal if you don't need it and especially if you don't have the space for it. Last week, I talked about a woman who only bought things on sale and had thousands of dollars worth of clothing that still had the tags attached.   That magnitude makes it seem obvious, even if she didn't see it.  However when this happens on a smaller level, you may not even see it coming. 

One day, I was shopping with a client for a sports coat for an event.  Since he rarely dresses up, he also needed dress socks.  In the store, we see a sign that dress socks are on sale, 3 pair for $6.00.  (A common retail tactic to get pepole to buy more.) My client automatically picked up 3 pairs of socks.  "You don't need three pairs of socks," I pointed out.

"But the sign says three pair," he replied.  "I probably won't get the sale price."

"It's not a sale when you're paying more money for what you don't need anyway."

"Good point."

He paid full price for the one pair he needed, but still saved money because he didn't end up with extra things he didn't need. 

This is also true for the "buy more, save more" sales.  If you don't need it and won't have use for it, you're not saving a dime and are only adding to clutter.  The easiest way to help clear clutter is to avoid creating it to begin with.  When something is on sale, think about if you truly need it and love it before purchasing.  Otherwise, it wasn't much of a sale at all.