Embarrassment Can Take a Hike

When a potential client contacts me, I can practically guarantee with absolute certainty that somewhere in our conversation will be the phrase, "I'm so embarrassed."  I've yet to have one that didn't mention it at one point or another.  But I can also guarantee with absolute certainty that there is no need to be embarrassed when you contact a professional organizer.   First off, if there wasn't a cluttered, hot mess to organize then we would have to find new jobs.  Second, if your professional organizer makes you feel bad or embarrassed about it, then you need to find a new organizer.  We're here to help you, not nag or make you feel bad about the cluttered state of affairs.

I'll admit - your having a little bit of embarrassment is a good thing because it was a catalyst to get you to take action against your clutter.  However, there's no need for it beyond that.  As I tell my clients, your clutter gives me something to do, keeps my business going and makes for some fabulous before and after photos!

So please, know that when your pleasantly cluttered home has turned into a bright, hot mess, there is NO reason to feel embarrassed when talking and meeting with your professional organizer.  Feel excited and empowered that you're taking control of the situation!