Quick Tip: Shred Baby, Shred

Paper shredding.  I can't tell you how many of my clients have a stack of papers "to be shredded" and each says they're overwhelmed by it.  The problem is that the piles stack up, take up unneccessary space and are visually less than fabulous.  To shred this "collection" could take quite a while - even hours.  To prevent this, shred papers as you need to.  Paid that bill and don't need it for your records?  Shred.  Recorded your receipt and don't need to save it for tax purposes?  Shred.

Shredding paperwork as it comes takes just mere moments as opposed to the huge chunk of time that waiting "until later" will eat up.

So if you too have this shredding paper monster, then set aside anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes per day to shred until it's all gone. (Or even hire someone to do it all in one go - I have a girl who I've paid just to shred.  Seriously.  She LOVES it!  She says it's therapeutic.)  Once you're caught up, shred as you go so it never clutters up again.