How do you decide how much space?

Clients often ask me how I decide how much space to utilize for each item - pens/pencils, magazines, sentimental bits, etc.   What is a "proper amount" of space to allot to different things? Well, there is no "proper" amount.  What you allot is individual to your space and needs. 

Sometimes it's a conscious decision - you have a large space so you may use two or three magazine files.  If you have a smaller space, then it's best to go with one and be ruthless in editing.  

Sometimes that's just how it works out.  I was once asked how I chose the size of the box I keep my sentimental items in.  Truth is, I didn't "choose" it at all.  I had a Girl Scout cookie box on hand when I was assembling things from a prior box so that's what I use.  It fit the area I wanted to put it in and that's all I'm willing to give it. 

So when determining how much space to give to magazines or tchochkes or anything else, work within the space  you have, only the space you have and add some clear space so it doesn't look messy or cluttered.