Quick Tip: Magazine Control

I looooove magazines and can honestly say that I've had multiple subscriptions since I was a pre-teen.  While my taste in magazines has definitely changed over the years, the one thing that hasn't changed is the amount of space they take up.  If you love magazines and regularly purchase or subscribe, then this tip is for you. 

I keep one magazine file and one large binder with page sleeves and dividers for my magazines.  When the magazine file gets full, I sort through the older copies, pull out any articles I want to keep and put them in the binder.  When the binder is full, I sort through the pulled articles and recycle whatever is no longer useful or relevant.   This keeps my subscriptions up-to-date, relevant and clutter-free.

(You don't have to keep it only to one.  Determine how many files and binders to use according to the space you're willing to give it.)