Things That Go Bump in the Dark

Last week, I personally experienced a HUGE benefit to being organized - the unexpected power outage. 

My closet is tucked away in a windowless bathroom, so it's already on the dark side.  The power outage induced by crazy thunderstorms obviously doesn't help my cause.  Sans electricity, I invite myself over to my parents' house for dinner and need to change into something more "public appropriate" than my lounging around the house clothes.  I can't see a thing, but knowing exactly where everything is in my closet am able to grab exactly what I want with zero fuss. 

Hours later, I come home and the power is still out.  In the pitch black I easily grab a lighter and light candles.   Were it not for my organized home and knowing exactly where everything is, I would never have been able to do this so quickly and smoothly.

The organized home doesn't just look great and make you feel better and more efficient.  It also prevents "power-out-panic" in the event your power goes out.  Bumped toes in the dark are never fun.  If you need help creating an organized space that won't go "bump in the dark," give us a call!