Quick Tip: Unwanted Gifts

I was reading an article the other day when I came across this line that really resonated with me:

"Accepting a gift doesn't mean hanging on to it for a lifetime."

I've often heard clients use "but it was a gift" as an excuse to hang on to things whether they like them or not.  Things wear out, become out of date, style or in some other way unusable.  It's OK to let go once  the gift is no longer of use or you don't love it anymore. 

If all else fails or you can't let go just yet and you have the room, try this idea.  Many years ago, a friend had the "tacky gift closet." It was where bad or unuseful gifts went to die.  Not to sound ungrateful, but we've all been the recipients of something we don't like, need or know what to do with.  Think crazy sweaters or perfume that isn't your scent.  You get the idea.  There was  a group of us that all put our unwanted gifts into the closet.  If one of us liked it, we took it.  If there was a gag gift party or some other random event where the contents of the closet were fitting, we pulled from the closet. 

In the end it always worked out because the items found a new use or home that wanted them.  Or maybe they ended up in someone else's closet?  Either way, just because it was a gift doesn't mean you have to hang on to it forever.  Letting go of things you don't need or love has zero reflection on your feelings towards the gift giver.