Masterbath Makeover

This past weekend I spent the day with a client reorganizing her master bath.  At first glance, it was a lovely bath with the need of a little organizing love.  However, once I started trying to work out the design, that's when I noticed it. 

No storage.  And no good place to add in storage either. 

Obviously, a man designed this.  A man without need for "product."

No matter.  We worked it out anyway! 

So here's what we started with:


Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you "Exhibit A" on why professional organizers always make you purge through your things.  Once we were finished purging old hair products and various other expired things,  my client didn't need any extra storage after all.  She already had a large, flat storage box under the right hand sink and under the left hand sink is a small, three-drawer box and a small flat storage box.  That along with the drawers in the sink and the drawers next to the sink proved to be all she needed.  

So look at it now!

I brought in the fish and white basket from other rooms in the house.   

Clean and ready to be used! (Once moving the radios of course!)

This isn't the magic of photos - everything that was up there has a new home within the storage solutions or was thrown or given away.  The only things that will live up there besides what you see are a toothbrush and a couple of other scented soaps.  My client likes to keep a few different soaps out to use dependent upon what perfume she is wearing.


 Daily use items go up top, while the lower is for storage.

And an added little gem of a benefit to organizing?  Finding your grill!


So what do you think?  We'd love to hear about it or answer any questions you have in the comments below!  Need help with your own bathroom or other rooms in your home, email us at for more information.