Where Did That Check Go?

Lost anything never to be found again?  Perhaps you've already forgotten that you've lost it? 

Maybe it's even money.

Want to find it again?

Get thee organized!

With every single client I've ever worked with, we've had a "Oh my god I forgot I had that!" or "Oh my god I've been looking for that forever!" moment.

Every. single. client.

We've found cash, checks, gift cards, a disc of lost business logos that would have been pricey to replace, lost cameras, unpaid tickets, unpaid bills, you get the picture.

By making the time to organize your things, you could very well find things you'd long-lost and a lot more than you expected.  Start small and progress in a systematic fashion.  Watch the momentum build as you start finding things you'd forgot you had or unearth unpaid debts before they get too bad. 

If you are overwhelmed and need help, we're always available - info@melindamassie.com.