Makeover: Junk Room to Guest Bedroom

Today we bring you a really dramatic spare bedroom makeover.  Before:


As you can see, this room is packed to the gills with randomness:

  • Decorations from a few different holidays that hadn't made it back into the attic. 
  • Leftover party paraphernalia - invitations, favors and such
  • Childhood/college things from my client's three, now grown and moved out children. 

And Rosebud.

Just kidding, but isn't that antique sled fabulous!

We separated everything and made zones for each child (to send back to them), decorations (to go back into the attic), donations, trash, recycle, etc.  Once the room was emptied, we cleaned and then moved in a bed and chair that was stuffed into another room.  Which brings us to this after:

Now my client has a fresh clean area to welcome her overnight guests!

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