Quick Tip: Think Before Joining that Wine Club

This one is for my wine drinkers!  On the whole, if you enjoy variety in wine, drink it and entertain often, then joining a wine club can be a killer deal.  However, if you don't or only like a particular type of wine, then you could end up like this:

Keep in mind that this is just a teeny portion of all the wines this client has.  As part of a pantry clean out, we pulled these plus about 10-20 more bottles that didn't make it into the picture.  This client also has a full wine cellar which is why so many bottles were in the pantry.  They do some entertaining, but the overload is because they only drink particular wines yet are in these wine clubs that send them other types of wine they don't drink. 

So what did I tell them?  Drink up and invite friends! 

As we all know, I enjoy a lovely drink.  And it's perfectly ok to have an extensive wine collection, but you must have the room for it.  Think about how much wine you drink and how much space you can devote to storage before joining a wine club.  If you don't, it could take up more money and space than you expected.