I'm Leaving on a Airplane

Well, not really but some friends of mine are!

I've been reading a lot of great articles on spending experience vs. stuff.  There are studies and research done about it that I'll talk about in blog posts to come.  However, what better way to learn about it than to witness an experiment. 

In what many think is crazy but I think is super-cool and fabulous, some friends of mine sold their house, downsized, streamlined and saved up so that they are now embarking on an adventure of a lifetime.  They're taking the next year to live in various places around the world, immerse themselves in other countries' vibrant, urban cultures and really determine once and for all which more bang for your buck - experience or stuff. 

I'm hedging my bets on the experience.

What about you?

You can follow their journey on their blog - Yellow Jumpsuit.

Bon Voyage!!