Quick Tip: Commercial Break

The major reason why many people don't stay organized once they get there is simple.


If you don't put things back where they belong, then you'll eventually end up back in the same place you started.  Of course, you don't want that. 

At the end of the day (or the beginning or middle - whatever you can do consistently), take a few moments to quickly put things back in their "homes."  I always recommend taking those few minutes during commercial breaks to see how much you can put away.  It's perfect because:

  • It's not enough time to feel like "work."
  • You weren't paying attention to those commercials anyway and
  • It gets the job done painlessly!

So tonight during the commercial break of your favorite show, take those few minutes to put away things that got displaced during the day.  In the end, your home is effortlessly pulled back together and you can go to sleep knowing there isn't a nagging mess somewhere.