Be Your Own "Joneses"

Recently, I saw a commercial where a delivery truck is dropping off things to a home.  The conversation between the nosy neighbors plays out like this: "How can they afford that?"

"I want her life."

"I want her washing machine."

So many things came to mind as I watched because many of my clients struggle with the power of "stuff" and perceptions of others.  However, of all the things that went through my head, it really boiled down to "It's none of their business."  After all, unless you've got bank statement in hand, you can't accurately judge someone's wallet.  Those living frugal lives may be happy and loaded while those that look happy and loaded could be in the midst of a miserable existence weighted down by debt. 

You just don't know.

You are your own "Jones" and don't have to keep up with anybody.  The things we have say NOTHING about your value as a person.   Every single one of my clients feels happier and more empowered and motivated to make changes for good in their lives as they get rid of the things they don't need. 

A few weeks ago, I rented a movie titled, "The Joneses."  It was an intriguing story on the infiltration of advertising into our lives and the power of greed, envy and stuff.  I don't want to spoil anything, but it's definitely worth checking out. (Few have so let me know if you do so I have someone to talk about it with!!!)

Bottom line - WHO CARES what others have!  Stuff doesn't add to your value.  Only you know what's going on with you and it's your responsibility to yourself to get control over unruly crap and be happy.