Quick Tip: Photo Storage

With so many of my clients, we come across scads of pictures that are still in envelopes (pre-digital age obviously) and my clients never know what they are or where to put them.  Here's a quick tip for all of you who want to do something with your photos, but don't have the time, energy, inclination for photo albums or scrapbooking.  First, Compile all of your photos and sort into like categories - vacation locales, children by age, etc.  Whatever you've got.  As an example,  mine would look like: college, sorority, dance, vacations, events, etc.

Once pulled and sorted, pick up some photo boxes and acid-free dividers.  (Don't do this until you know how much you have so you don't buy too much or too little.)  Create a divider for each category and place the photos into the boxes with their corresponding divider. 

You now have a more attractive way to store your photos and quickly find particular ones you're looking for without the time and space that albums take up! 

Have another great way to store photos so that they're safe and easy to find?  Leave it in the comments!