The Feng Shui Attack

Just to start off with a clarification - I know very little about feng shui.  Really, just enough to be dangerous.  However, decluttering is definitely a major principle of it.  A "feng shui attack" is that moment when you get so sick of whatever clutter issue there is that you drop everything and attack it.  Sometimes it's a slow build.  You open that cabinet door every day and one day you finally decide you've had enough of that disorganized stuff nagging at  you. 

Sometimes it's unexpected.  Like to me.  Yesterday.

I was reading this article and it said to "declutter using emotion as your guiding principle."  Now, one of the principles that I use with clients is asking if they love a particular object.  When they look upon it, does it bring them joy.  This took it one step further to remove objects and pictures from past friendships and old relationships.  I immediately look at a photo that's been sitting on my bookshelf for aaaages.  It's from my very first pro-show as a ballroom dancer.  However, I'm with an ex.  I originally put out that picture from the show because it was my favorite move from the routine, my first pro show and I was so proud of myself for not vomiting all over the dance floor!  (I was major nervous.) Yet now looking at it, I wasn't filled with the same sense of accomplishment.  The photo was immediately pulled and tucked away with all my other dance photos.

To fill the now-empty frame, I chose a pic of my best friend, her little people and I after we ran my first 5K.  Every time I look at it, I can't help but smile. 

This is how every object in your home should be.

This little change set off a series of events that had me closely looking at all of my decor accessories and tossing away quite a few.  I worked on a simple principle - Do I smile when I see it, or is it just hanging out to occupy space. (As well as ditching a couple of "ex-artifacts.") A couple of things were a little hard to let go of...two figurines that I've had for literally as long as I can remember.  They've been used as door stops, book ends, basic decoration, whathaveyou.  Yet now, for the life of me, I don't know why I still have them beyond childhood history.  Not memories because I don't have anything associated with them, just history.  I also created an "accomplishment area" with my diploma, dance awards and various other accomplishments I'm proud of. 

And most of all, I cleared space for things I may truly need. 

So what can you clear away this week?  Take a look at your decorative bits and accessories.  Is there anything there that no longer represents you and your goals?  Perhaps something that's been there for so long that you don't even notice it's there anymore.  Something that doesn't make you happy or smile?  Clean it out or rearrange it and then tell us about your own feng shui attack!