Quick Tip: Storage Containers

Here's a quick tip for dealing with your food storage containers. 

  • Pull all of them out, sort by type and size and make sure each one has a matching lid.
  • Throw away anything that's damaged or doesn't have a matching counterpart.  If there are any that are in good condition but you just hate (you know, that random one that came home with you after some event and doesn't match anything else) then donate them or give them back to their original owner.
  • Put everything neatly away. 

Bonus tips:

  • Keep the lids WITH the containers.  Some people keep all the containers together and all the lids together separately but this just wastes time when trying to find the mate to what you want to store.  Stacking like sized containers together with all lids on top will save you from finding those lost lids. 
  • When purchasing new storage containers, opt for square instead of round.  It will better utilize all of the space in your cabinets or fridge where round will create dead space.

And there you have it!  Quick and easy storage container organization!