Quick Tip: Cleaning Out Cell Phone Numbers

Let's start out your Monday with a simple task that can be done while you're waiting on something else and is often neglected: cleaning out the phone numbers in your cell phone list.

Very few people keep written address books anymore, however it is imperative that you maintain a backup system for your phone numbers.  How many of us have felt that panic when the phone breaks or is lost and you lose all of your numbers?

So we'll start by beginning or starting a system to back up all of your contacts.  I personally use the "contacts" in my Outlook, but go with what works best for you.  Next, scroll through your phone numbers and determine who needs to be:

  • Kept in the phone - these are the numbers you regularly use or need to keep handy at all times. 
  • Keep the number in back up, but delete from the phone - These are the numbers that you don't call regularly or need handy at all times, but may need at some point or another.  
  • Delete entirely - Don't need it anymore, don't use it, don't remember who that person is or how it got in your phone.
  • Place under "DNR" - "DNR" stands for "Do Not Resuscitate."  Let's admit it, we all get random phone calls or unwanted texts from time to time.  (i.e. - for us singles, it could be the person it didn't work out with that calls back 6 months later for no reason.)  So you need to keep the number, but only to know not to answer it.  I place these numbers under the title DNR and set that ringtone to silent.  That way, I don't answer and they don't bother me.

Your task for the week: when you've got a bit of downtime or that 10 minutes waiting for a meeting but can't get anything started because it's only 10 minutes, start scrolling through your cellphone numbers and cleaning up that list!