Home Staging: Creating the Master

The master bedroom is the oasis of the home so it's always good to create a lush and inviting one.  However, it's easy to make some missteps along the way without even knowing it. I walked through an open house yesterday with a friend in the market to buy.  While we were in the bedroom, my friend didn't think the master was big enough to house her bed and furniture. The reality is that it would fit all her things, but the king sized bed was dressed in a way that made it look oddly sized and distorted room size in the process.

I wish I'd taken a quick pick so you could get the visual, but since I didn't I'll just describe what they had going on and how to fix it.

What was there currently -

  • Tall four-poster bed with 4 layers of full-sized pillows and a folded up blanket at the foot of the bed. This made the bed look smaller and shorter - like  a half-length bed display in a department store.
  • Two night stands with stacks of books and photos. They filled the entire space between bed and wall. There was too much going on to notice some great, built-in lamps on either side of the bed. My friend didn't even notice them at all.

The fix -

  • Quick and inexpensive - removing a layer or two of pillows and adding smaller accent pillows instead. Remove folded up blanket at the foot of bed entirely.
  • Mid-range fix - Swap large night stands for smaller glass or even mirrored night stands. Mirrored night stands would reflect the built-in lamps making them more noticeable. The smaller size will make the room look bigger.
  • Priciest fix - Remove the four-poster all together in favor of a simpler designed bed. The king size is fine, but the bulk makes the room look smaller than it is.  A simple headboard or platform bed would be a better look for the potential home-buyer. 

When staging your home, it is important to remember clean, minimal and neutral while being stylish.  The less of your things that the buyer sees, the more they see space and their own things in it.