You Can't Be Serious?!

Last week, I posted an update on Facebook saying that while many think mine is a made up job, I am blessed to be doing something that is beneficial and has a significant impact.  Obviously, my friends were supportive. Some have their own challenges about figuring out what to do with things that have strongly attached memories and emotion. Others personally know the effects that hoarding has on a family and the shame and embarrassment that come with that. However, I also often hear the other, less supportive side:

  • People pay you for this?
  • People are just lazy.
  • What the hell is wrong with someone that they can't pick up after themselves.

I'm lucky that every day, people let me into their homes and give me their truth.

  • Shame and embarrassment that they can never have company come over.
  • Panic that someone might show up unannounced. Panic when someone does.
  • Mentally beat themselves up because others say they should be able to just do it yet they know they can't. More mental beatings if they have a child because they fear what their child is subjected to and that their passing this behavior along.
  • Knowing they need to do something but not knowing where to start so the feeling of overwhelm overcomes them and they get in their own way.
  • This ever-present state of fear, shame, stress, overwhelm, panic weaves itself into a blanket that never leaves and instead compounds by the day.

So here's reality: Becoming and staying organized has absolutely nothing to do with cleaning house.

Cleaning is removing dirt and debris. Organizing is the art of arranging your items in such a way that you can easily access them.

Organizing is a learned skill.  It takes spatial awareness and visualization.  You need to be able to see where things will go and fit ergonomically into your lifestyle. If you can't easily visualize things or aren't much of a linear thinker, then you probably have a problem getting organized.  If your items aren't placed in a way that gives you easy access to use and then put back, your items become clutter.

When we need something and know we can't do it, we seek out help from an expert - be it a personal trainer, event planner, CPA, lawyer, or any other service provider.  Seeking help from a professional organizer is no different.

I bet I could change my oil if I learned how. Does this make me lazy because I don't?  No. I know where my skills lie and prefer to leave that to a professional.

If you are naturally well-organized then you're not going to understand.  Then again, you're probably not reading this blog.  If you are, stop badgering those that aren't naturally organized.  I assure you they're doing enough of it without your help.  We all have our natural proclivities and this just isn't one of theirs.  I'm sure there are things you have trouble with, but that's for someone else's blog.

If you don't know what to do with your things and have become overwhelmed by the state of your home, it's is perfectly OK to seek help from a professional. We'll help you focus on what's important, keep the fear and overwhelm at bay, give you a fresh and objective outside opinion and move you towards your goals!