Home Staging: Nooks and Crannys

When staging your home for sale, don't ignore your closets, cabinets, and all the other nooks and crannys you think people won't look in. Of course they're going to look! Looking through a home to buy is one of the few times that it is socially acceptable to go rummaging around through someone else's cabinets and closets. The potential buyer will want to make sure the home has adequate storage space to meet their needs. If you beautifully staged your home, but did it by throwing everything into the closets, the potential buyer will think there isn't enough storage space. Take the time to organize and clean out all of the closets, cabinets and any other built-in storage areas.

Abundant storage space is an excellent selling point. Make sure your cabinets and closets are neat and tidy because that makes them look bigger and adds value to your sale.