Keep Track for Your Own Sake

I recently had a client come to me  in a truly awful state of affairs. Without going into too much detail, I'll just say that they're having problems with student loans and a bank's lost records and with the IRS and a transposed Social Security Number. If you've ever had an issue with student loans or the IRS, then you know how intensely frustrating it is. If your financial paperwork isn't in order, create some time this week to do it - before anything goes wrong. It is all too easy to trust that a financial institution will keep track for you, but they're run by humans and humans can jack it up. Keep a close eye on everything with your SSN. Make sure your SSN is correct, especially with anything pertaining to your finances. Keep copies and backups of all your financial obligations. If you don't want the paper clutter, then scan everything into your computer and make sure you have a good back-up system. (I love Carbonite.)

Money is something people don't like to think about, especially if you're having money issues. It seems easier to ignore it, but ignoring it won't make it go away and surely won't help if you find yourself in a problem such as lost records. If for no other reason, get and keep your financial paperwork in order to cover your tush in the event that an instituation loses your records. Keeping your own records offers you proof and proof and security. It's your money. Own it. Keep track of it for your own sake.