Organizing Project: Kitchen Cabinet

Tis the season that we're spending a LOT of time in the kitchen. Take a few hours now to clean out and organize your cabinets so you'll know what you have, what's still good and what you need when making your favorite holiday recipes.


Now in the grand scheme of things, this cabinet isn't *that* bad, right? But obviously, it could use some help. Following are the steps to create our fabulous after:

  • Pull out EVERYTHING and sort it all like with like.
  • Wipe out the cabinet.
  • Check each item for expiration date and freshness. For spices, sniff to see if they're still pungent. If you can't smell it or it smells off, chuck it. If in doubt - chuck it. No need for a trip to the ER because you poisoned yourself.
  • Give everything a new home, keeping everything together in its category.

And voila! Freshly organized cabinet!


Here we have all spices and extracts on the bottom shelf - sorted by size and then each size alphabetized.  Another great option for spices is to velcro them to the inside of the cabinet door.  Middle shelf is more spice type items and beverages. Top shelf is baking items and Jello. This is an upper cabinet and I placed them on the shelving like this according to how often it would be used - spices and beverages most frequently, baking items less often.  Extra space was created by tossing out the expired goods. Because the cabinet wasn't organized, many things got lost and forgotten, particularly on the top shelf.

Total time: 1 hour.

Have your cabinets become overwhelming and you need help? Email me at today!