Declaring a War on Storage

Have you seen this show "Storage Wars" on A&E?

If you have a storage unit you rarely access, you need to watch this show.

In all except for the most specific of circumstances, if you have a storage unit then you need to get to purging the things you don't need, use or love.  Typically what happens, as I say in a previous post, is that the unit becomes a big box of money suck because you're spending the monthly rent on things you don't use on a regular basis or love (otherwise they wouldn't be so inaccessible) and as you forget what is in there, you spend money replacing things you already own.

I'd seen the trailers for "Storage Wars" for a while but finally had the opportunity to watch this past weekend. If anything, it only went to further strengthen my beliefs of storage units as a total waste of money. When a storage unit is abandoned, they are auctioned off to the highest bidder. The show follows professional buyers as they purchase up units at these auctions. They get a few minutes to peek into a unit and then the bidding starts. In the first episode I saw, everyone made a profit. The good ones are obviously regularly making nice profits because every last one of them drove a high-end luxury vehicle.

Their profits are coming from your discarded goods that you just *HAD* to keep, but didn't need/use/love enough to keep close.

Or to bother to even keep paying storage rent on.

In one episode, a buyer got a unit for $250 and inside was a collectible worth $12,000. In another, they buyer found actual money in the form of a major coin collection. And the profits go on and on in every episode. Money that could have EASILY been the orgninal owner's instead if they'd just decided to sell instead of hang on to it until they stopped making payments on the unit.

If you have a storage unit, I urge you to declare your own war on it. Make the time to sort through the items and sell, donate or trash as appropriate. Watch the show as inspiration to get rid of things on your own so that some buyer doesn't make money off of you. To see the bidding games between the buyers and hear them talk about "America's Junk" as well as the excitement when they find things that are worth money should be just the thing to light a fire under your tush.

2011 is almost here. Make this the year that you stop wasting money on your storage unit and maybe even make some money in the process!