Continuation of the War on Storage

Originally, I was going to bring you another organization transformation today. However, yesterday I saw an article calling the TV show I mentioned in Monday's blog the "Sleaziest Show on Television" and I have to respond. I don't buy this article for a second so here's a different dose of reality.

Out of work, out of money and out of your home?


Can't "drag it around while you couch surf" like the lady in the article mentions?


Contrary to what our "bigger, better, more" society will tell you, your things do NOT define you!!

Yes, the lady profiled in this article has fallen on very challenging and difficult times. However, instead of selling off things she didn't need, she gave over $8000 to the storage unit machine. In the end because she felt defined by her things (even though they were in storage for 2 years), she lost everything - including things that were irreplaceable and important.  Now she feels she's had a "personal death" and is just "marking time."

Had she not felt defined by her things, she could have sold off big stuff that doesn't matter like furniture and been able to keep pictures and other truly important items. I'm baffled that one would cling so tightly to things instead of doing what they need to do to make money and ends meet. All in the name of "stuff."

I'll say it again. Your things do NOT define you. 

If you've lost your job, I understand. Knowing the end of my job was near was the major catalyst for starting my first business because I knew finding another one was going to be very difficult and take a long time.  For me, starting a business was the best solution. Hard and often off-the-charts stressful, but also extraordinarily rewarding and now I'd never go back to working for someone else.

When challenges hit, you've got to let go, check any and all preconceived notions at the door and make things work. If you need money and have a storage unit, sell the things in storage so you'll not only make money but also save money in that monthly payment. You can turn challenges into an opportunity or you can play victim.

And victim isn't fabulous.