Organizational Project: Dining Room

So often, the dining table becomes the catch-all because it's there and it's bare.  People tend to throw things down on bare space instead of putting things away where they belong. It seems easier that way. (I say seems because eventually you have to put it away, in the long run spending more time and energy than if you'd just put it away in the first place.) In the case of this family, the dining table was easier to work from because it was central to the home and easier to watch their two small children from. They have a home office, but it's tucked way into the back of the house and became a catch-all room (organization project post on that one to come later). 

For this client, our mission was to find functional homes for everything on the table so they could still utilize it for bill-paying and other functions, but so the family could also reclaim use of the table for its most important purpose - eating!!


On the table we had important paperwork of the husband and wife's, school work for the husband, all sorts of decorative bits and kiddie things and magazines. This client loves her magazines! (As so many of us do.)

We started by taking everything and sorting it like with like. From there, we started putting things away where they belonged - kiddo stuff to the respective kiddo room, so on and so forth. We also threw away or recycled the things that were no longer necessary. Afterwards, we took some time to find a good stand that fit in the back corner. Stylistically, it had to mesh with the home's style, not take up too much room in the corner and be low enough to hide behind the dining table. Functionally, it needed to house a bill paying/mailing station and all of my client's magazines.  We succeeded and the final results look like this:

Total time: two hours, not including client's shopping time to purchase the stand and mailing station.

If your dining room table is cluttered, now is the perfect time to clean it off so you can eat at the table on Christmas Day!