Food Geek Friday: The Apple of Santa's Eye

The other weekend I worked with one of my repeat clients for their department Christmas party. I like them to be greeted at the door with a specialty cocktail and the above picture is the scene they saw when they walked in this year. Last year's specialty cocktail was a hit and I wanted this year's to be even better.

A bartender friend of mine helped me create this deceptively naughty drink that is super-easy to mix up for a large group of people. It's a cinnamony apple drink I named "The Apple of Santa's Eye." Feel free to rename it for your New Year's Eve party this evening or to go along with any occasion or theme that you'd like.

The Apple of Santa's Eye

  • 1 part vodka (Monopolova gives you the most value and taste for your party budget)
  • 1 part apple pucker
  • Splash of Hot Damn!

Pour ingredients over ice and serve. If making a large batch, pour all the ingredients into a pitcher and then pour into ice filled glasses. Each ingredient can be adjusted to flavor preference - more apple to taste less strong, more Hot Damn for cinnamon. (Be careful when pouring the Hot Damn - it can give it some bite.) 

Disclaimer: this cocktail is deceptively strong. Drink responsibly.  DUIs, DWIs and car wrecks aren't fabulous.