Resolution Action: I Will

Happy New Year!! If you're resolved to get organized this year, then you've come to the right place. All through the month of January, I'll be posting about the most common areas of clutter I see and how you can take action. After all, resoltions are pointless without action.  Our calendar is as follows:

  • First week - Home Offices
  • Second week - Kitchens
  • Third week - Closets
  • Fourth week - Spare bedrooms

I'm starting off the tips with one that is super-simple, easy and most of all - important to creating change and progress.

Change your language.

Instead of saying I should, could, or might. Say I will.

This is something I do with my clients. As soon as I hear them say they were thinking about doing something or they should or could, I ask them point-blank if they will. Then I have them say it.

I will [fill in action here.]

Changing just that one little word will help shift your thinking and make organizing or any other goal you want to accomplish that much more successful.