Resolution Action: Home Office, Beginning Stage

I'm starting this month of action with the home office because this is the room that I hear the most issues about. First, set the goal and/or intention of the room.

  • What functions does this room fulfill?
  • How do you want to feel in this room? Focused? Relaxed?  Energized?
  • How do you work best? Do you need to see everything or can items be tucked away and you'll still know they're there?

Now, pull everything out and sort it like with like.


Let me say it again.

You must be thorough when executing the reset to get to the place where you can easily maintain the room organized and clutter free. It's OK to take it in stages if you've got a large office. For one client, we pulled everything from her two desks and closet, saving the bookshelves for the second stage.  (post coming once the bookshelves are finished)

When creating your different piles of like with like, don't get caught up in thinking. Just make a pile and place the appropriate objects in it. Don't worry about purging yet. You'll get to that shortly. Don't know what pile? Make a "don't know" pile. Need to immediately attend to something. Make an "Immediate to do" pile. They're your things and your piles - title them what you need to. Again, don't think too much about it. Matter of fact, just don't think about it at all. If you do, you may easily get distracted and this is the easy part.

Once piles are created, sort individual piles again if necessary. Files and office supplies most often need to be sorted down again from the initial sort.

NOW, you can start purging. Here's your rule - to remain in the office, each and every single item MUST be something you need, use and/or love. It also must further the goals of the room. If it doesn't, then it finds a new home either elsewhere in your home or the trash, donation or sell. No if's, and's or but's. If you hesitate on an item, ask yourself why. If you're still unsure about a particular item then think about an this - which is more important to you, that object or the space it will create to help you get closer to your goals.

Tomorrow, I'll talk more about common home office issues and solutions.

Now get to pulling, sorting and purging!