Resolution Action: Home Office, the Re-Installation

So far this week we've pulled, sorted and purged, and looked at some common home office issues. Now let's put your office back together.

(Notice that I haven't told you to buy anything yet?  That's on purpose. Before everything is sorted and narrowed down to what you need, use and love, purchasing new things in pointless because you don't know what you have. Now that you do,  as you decide how you want to place your things and what they need to work best for you functionally and aesthetically, you can purchase any extras you may need.)

When re-installing your home office, think of these things to make it work for you:

  • Your desk and chair are the command center. What do you use regularly or need quick access, such as client files? These items go within arms length in that chair. The less you use something, the further away it can go.
  • Place things according to use. Pen cup and note pad to the right if you're right-handed. To the left if you're a leftie. Place paper close to the printer - especially if you do a lot of printing or use different types of paper.
  • Keep office supplies together in a closet, drawer or trunk - whatever they all fit in together or near-by.

Keep in mind, it doesn't have to be perfect. Having an organized office doesn't mean that it's photographer ready in case a magazine decides to do a story on you. Being organized is about having your things put away in a manner that you can easily find and use what you need, when you need it.

And put it back when it's done!

Don't be afraid to change things up once it's set up. If something isn't working for you then find a new configuration that will. As things grow, you may need to rearrange. As my business has changed and grown, so too has my desk configuration. Rearrange and evolve the system so that it always works for you.

(FYI - "not working" means it's a pain in the toucas rather than mildly tedious or you just don't want to. Once you've organized your room, it doesn't magically stay that way. You have to put things away where they belong each and every time you use something.)

Plus the added benefit - when you're organized and keep it organized, it's SOOO much easier and quicker to purge items later down the line. A couple of years ago my own desk grew out of control and I did a full reorganization, which took a total of 4 days (working on and off.) However, after doing that it was easier to maintain my system and now I can purge the desk and storage trunk  whithin a couple of leisurely hours while I watch tv.

So now go put your office back together!!