Resolution Action: Home Office Closet

Today I'm going to show you the makeover I did on a home office closet. This is another example of a funky closet - obviously the designer wanted to give some storage, but the backing spiral staircase makes this shape of this closet awkward. Luckily that issue can be mitigated by using it for the storage of mainly small things.  Before:

As always we started by pulling everything out, sorting like with like. From there, we determined if something really needed to be in this closet or not. This client has a beautiful home office (for another post coming soon) but it was overrun with children's things that just didn't belong in it. Same holds true for this closet. We set our goal that this closet supports the home office by storing the lesser used materials and supplies. Once that as determined, it was a snap to decide what would live in there, giving us this after:

Top shelf are the seldom used machines. Just underneath are printer inks and software under that. I LOVE that my client had a plug in the closet and the shredder is great there. Because of the awkward shape of the closet, the binders and spare clipboards actually fit PERFECTLY! On the floor are a few more storage items and a laptop bag.

(I don't have a total time on this because we did it in conjunction with a stage of the office.)

Does your home office have a funky shaped closet? Don't let that hold you back. Even the craziest of shapes can be turned into a great place to store office supplies.