Resolution Action: Closet Swap

Sometimes a closet's original purpose just doesn't suit what you really need it for. That's when you do a little swap action. I've seen what were originally random closets turned into something much more useful like a small office/work area or fun like a bar. Most common though are for my people who work at or from home - the clothes closet into a storage and supply closet. In our before, the client was using the closet in her home office for clothes, odds and ends:

We pulled everything out of the closet, putting clothing and all other items that did not support and further the goal of the home office into other rooms in the home. Afterwards, the client and her husband removed the fixtures and installed top to floor adjustable shelving. Then the client and I organized all of her office supplies and other stored items into the "new" closet, giving us this after:

Up top are photo boxes that she will sort through as she gets time, but aren't often looked at or referred to. Directly underneath are sometimes used supplies. At eye level are the supplies she uses most often, all in labeled containers. Underneath that are files that are sometimes referenced too and on the floor are archived files that are rarely referenced to.

Does a closet in your home not serve a good purpose? Swap it out and create something that is functional and suits your goals!