Resolution Action: Spare Bedrooms

This is the last week of Resolution Action January and we're focusing on spare bedrooms. When a spare bedroom (or any other room for that matter) has gotten totally out of hand, there is always a reason why. Most often of the rooms I come across it's:

  • Too many things for the size of the room
  • No goal or purpose for the room
  • The goal/purpose of the room has been forgotten or ignored

Today's task is easy. I want you to think about the reason why your room has gotten this way - lack of goal, deciding to take the "easy" way out and toss items in the room instead of deciding where they really belong, whathaveyou. Next, I want you to give this room a purpose and goal. It could be an office, exercise room or guest room. It can be all of the above. Think about what you want to do in this room, set your mind to it and tomorrow we take action!