Resolution Action: Spare Bedrooms, Time for Action

As I said yesterday, if you have a spare bedroom that has gone awry then there is a definite cause behind it. The reasons I come across most often are lack of a goal for the room and apathy towards deciding what to do with extra stuff. It seems easier to just toss things into the random room for "later" instead of making decisions, right? Well darlings, "later" is here.

Yesterday we set our goal and intentions for the room, and that will be our guide today. Now start by pulling everything out of the room, sorting like with like. In extra bedrooms, I've come across anything and everything imaginable. Just pair everything up with their friends - things to regift, belongings of grown children (we'll talk more about this tomorrow), discarded exercise equipment, whateveryagot. If the room is really cluttered up and you come across things you already know you want to ditch then go ahead and create trash and donation piles as well.

Once you have your sorted piles, sift through each one to determine if that's something you really need. As you're doing this, remember the goal for your room. If you want it to become an office/guest room and you're looking at a stack of exercise equipment, then that equipment needs to find a new home somewhere else because it doesn't support either purpose. Proceed this way until every item has been decided upon - trash, donate, this room or another room.

Next, take out the trash and drop off the items for donation so you create some new space. Embrace the space.

Tomorrow, I'll talk about the most common items I find cluttering up the spare bedrooms - childhood items of grown children. Thursday, we'll put it all back together.