Resolution Action: Spare Rooms, The Install

So now you've set goals, removed the things you don't need (for sale, donation, trash or just another room) and now it's time to put everything back! Start by thinking about those goals and how you want to work in the room. Re-install your items accordingly. If your spare bedroom is like most spares I've worked with, there shouldn't be too much left to put back into the room. Following are a couple of things to think about:

  • Do you need to purchase any extra supplies or organizational tools? Now is the time to do so.
  • If you're working multiple purposes in a room, split the room up into zones where that activity is what takes place. For instance, do you want a home office/guest room? Have a bed and small end table on one side of the room, desk and accessories on the other. In the closet, split space between room for guests things and your office supplies.
  • An excellent way to map zones is a tip I got from a client that she got from her interior designer. Start with a floor plan of your room. Lay tracing paper over the floor plan and use the tracing paper to test out different layouts. This will save you time and energy on moving things around only to not like it or it not fit.

The next time you decide to throw something in the room for "later," remember how much time and energy it took you to re-create this room. It will take so much less time and energy to just deal with that item right now, won't it?

Now, take a moment to sit and enjoy the new space! Even pop some champagne if you're so inclined!!