Resolution Action: Not an Ending

The series "Resolution Action" has come to an end, but there is no end to staying organized. Magical elves aren't going to come in the middle of the night and put things away while you sleep. However, now that you've invested so much time getting your areas in order, it will be much easier to maintain and should at most be mildly tedious rather than a raging pain in the toucas.  Take a few minutes every single day to reset your space by putting things back where they belong. Eventually this practice will become  a habit you won't have to think about, like brushing your teeth and showering. It will also be easier to purge unnecessary items in the future. What takes major hours the first time around can be done in just a few during subsequent sessions.

Take some time at least annually, but even bi-annually or quarterly to quickly purge the unnecessary items in your home so that you are always neat, organized and fabulous.