Quick Tip: Outdated Entertainment Technologies

What's the most popular thing I see that can almost always be immediately thrown away and clears up tons of space when you do? VHS

Often, the client doesn't even own a VCR anymore yet there are VHS tapes lurking there...taking up space.

If you still own VHS, do yourself a favor and ditch them. Let go of the notion that they may make a comeback. They're not. Just like 8-tracks, cassette tapes and those before them, it's over. Following are the two most popular excuses I hear of why they're around and how to fix it: 

  • If you've got home movies or other tapes that can't be replaced then get them transferred to DVD. Give yourself a deadline so that you'll actually make it happen.
  • Want to replace the movie but just haven't gotten around to it? Make a list of the VHS movies you own so that you can replace them on DVD. You may find you're able to stream older movies on Netflix or Hulu so purchasing the disk isn't even necessary. You may also find that you don't really care if you watch the movie anyway otherwise you would have already done this.

At the time of VHS, we didn't realize how much space and visual clutter tapes create because that's all we knew. Now they are a quaint notion of the past. Join us in the present.

Before DVD becomes obsolete too.