Quick Tip: Oasis of Chaos

Recently, I saw that a friend (actually many friends) took advantage of the snow days to reorganize areas of her home. She mentioned that she felt bad about still having a junk drawer. I told it her it was perfectly ok to have an "oasis of chaos" and that I allow all of my clients to have one.

I originally heard the term from creative office organizer extraordinaire, Kacy Paide, and loved it so much that it stuck.

So here's your quick tip: do you have a junk drawer? If so, don't feel bad about it. We all need that "oasis of chaos" for random objects. The key is that you're only allowed one.


So if you have more than one junk drawer, weed through them all, discard what you no longer need and condense them down to one. If you currently have the one, still weed through it for anything no longer necessary.

And don't call it junk drawer anymore. That doesn't have any ring to it. Now it's your Oasis of Chaos.