Food Geek Friday: Prep and Clean with Ease

Most often, prep and clean up seem to be the thing standing between a person and a home cooked meal. I'm regularly asked how I cook so often without being driven bonkers from all the prep and cleanup - especially since I'm sans dishwasher. Well, sometimes it's frustrating because I'm the only one doing it (unless I go out) but I have a system.

  • Read the recipe in its entirety before you get started. Make sure you have everything you need, or at least suitable substitutes.
  • Pull everything out and set it in recipe order.
  • Measure out everything that can be measured without prep - I keep multiple measuring sets for this very purpose.
  • Do any chopping and prep necessary - place items in bowls.
  • As you use your ingredients, place the measuring cup, spoon or bowl in or near the sink.
  • While your food is cooking, clean up the dishes. This is especially great if you're doing a one pot meal such as soup or a crock pot meal because clean up afterwards in minimal. For me it's practically nonexistent because I tend to have so much that I store the food in the crock pot dish or soup pot until I've eaten enough to for the leftovers to fit into smaller containers.

And there you have it! A plan to keep meal creation and clean up a little easier.