Junking in the Process

In the beginning of the organizing process, we set the goal and purpose for each room. As we sort and purge the items of each room, if the item doesn't belong in the room it is in then I have my client drop it off in the room it will live in. When we get to that room, that's when we find it a home. Things often end up in the garage for sale, donation or trash as well. This shuffling can easily frustrate my client who wants it all done yesterday and feels they are "junking up other rooms."

Here's what I tell them and what you should think about if you're in the same situation.

Organizing is a process. Because magical elves can't come and do it all at once, things will get shuffled around and touched more than once as they go from room to room or out to the garage for donation or sale. Remind yourself of the clean areas and know that with time, it will all be done.

Write down a list of where things are going and what needs to be done so you know why certain areas are junked out and you can clear your mind. For instance, if you have a large trash, garage sale and donation pile in your garage, write it down. Look at the size of the piles. It may be that as soon as the trash has come, you've dropped off to donations and had that sale, the garage will be spacious again.

Also, if things are being donated, don't wait to take them to donation. At the end of the day, load them up and take them. This will clear those things out of the way and create space. Does this mean you'll make multiple trips to a donation center? Probably. But I guarantee it's worth the peace of mind to get them out of the house immediately. Also, if you've got a lot of items to be donated, they may not all fit in your car anyway. If at the end of the day, you find yourself with more donations than you can deal with on your own, call a charity that will pick them up.

It's easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated when you're starting out on organizing your home - especially if you have an entire home to work through. Know that it will get worse before it gets better. However, you are going to looooove it when you're done. Don't be too hard on yourself about the shuffling of items. They always get sorted out in the end as long as you don't give up!