Organizational Project: Garage

As the weather gets colder, we become lax in putting things where they belong and the garage often becomes the out-of-the-way catch-all. Perfect example I'm seeing a lot of right now - Christmas decorations. After the holidays, you're tired so they just get tossed into a corner until "later." And we already know what I think about "later" don't we?

(In case you're new here - "later" never comes.)

Spring is the perfect time to clean out your garage. Sure it may seem like a waste of a perfectly good day on the surface, but what is one day of focused, organizational work to be able to find anything you need at a moment's notice and park your car in there again vs. endless hours looking for something, money spent purchasing things you know you have but can't find, dread you feel having to enter the garage and the frustration you feel every single time you do go in there?

Doesn't seem so bad now, does it?

Not to mention that (especially if you're in Texas) it will soon be too hot and you'll be stuck again until fall. That is, unless you like to punish yourself and sweat buckets but there is no need for that. Just suck it up and do it now.

Today's organizational project is a garage I worked on a couple of weeks ago. It was such a beautiful day outside creating perfect working conditions.


We had multiple things going on in this garage. There was quite a bit of furniture, as well as old fixtures from my client's past retail business and quite a bit of occassionally used entertainment items. However, we also had something really great going for us - multiple, adjustable cabinets and shelves. It was a professional organizer's dream.

We started by pulling out everything that wasn't in cabinets and sorting them like with like. While doing this, my client sorted through and purged everything she didn't need or want any more. We had a giant pile for trash pick-up. We also stuffed her SUV to the brim with items she immediately took to donation.

After we got through all the items that were out in the open, we sifted through all the cabinets. She had started organizing at one time, so they weren't too bad. In this case, it was easier to shuffle around what was already in there and pull out what she didn't want any more. If we pulled everything out, it would have A) gotten too overwhelming and B) wasted time since many items were in places she liked and worked well for her.

After we sorted the cabinets how we wanted them, there was lots of wonderful new space to bring in things that had been on the floor due to lack of space. Once we were finished, we had this:

The cabinets and shelves along the back wall are organized into zones: coolers, entertainment, back-up of staples, paint, so on and so forth. With things that couldn't go into the cabinets, we laid them out strategically through the garage. Flat items such as folding chairs went along the outer walls. We lined up furniture down the center, careful to stay directly in the middle so that two cars would fit in and to not go all the way down so that you could easily walk around the end.

Total time: 4 1/2 hours.

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