Quick Tip: Goal of the Day

I've spent entirely too much time in a hospital this year, but in it I noticed something that we can all easily apply. Have a goal of the day.

Part of the white board at the end of the bed has a section for "goal of the day." The take-away here is that, not only is it set, but it is simple. Get some sleep. Breathe easier. Go home.

Often times when we're trying to get our homes and lives organized, we set far too lofty of goals for ourselves and lose sight, get overwhelmed or worse - beat ourselves up for not attaining these lofty goals.

Set your goal or intention for the day. Keep it simple. Write it down. You didn't get disorganized in a day and it will take longer than that to get everything in order. By routinely setting your simple goal for the day, you'll find that you've reached your bigger goal before you know it!