Home Staging: You're Out

With staging clients, one of the first things I recommend is removing any and all things personal. They often tell me that "it's their stuff" and they personalize their homes.

Well of course you do that in your home, but you don't live here any more.

As soon as you decide to sell your home, you HAVE to adopt the mindset that the home is no longer yours. You are now guests in another person's home. When you're staying with friends, you don't set out all your photos and knicknacks do you? Of course not, which means that you don't set out your photos and your clutter and any other knicknacks from this home either.

People need to imagine that they're living in their home when they walk through. You want them to envision their things in their home. You don't want them to think they're visiting yours.

House guests don't buy. 

If it is too difficult to temporarily live without your personal mementos, then perhaps you don't need to be selling your home just yet. If you're in a position that you have to sell your home, then instead of thinking of the temporary loss of personal items, imagine all the wonderful memories you're going to create in your new home.

You have to let go of the old home to sell it.

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