No Love Lost

I have a firm rule - anything that resides in your home must be something you use, need and/or really love. As I'm helping a client purge their clutter, I routinely hear, "I used to really love that." I also routinely hear guilt in their voice when they say it. It's perfectly OK to change your mind and no longer love something you used to. As we get older, tastes change and evolve. Sometimes something that looked awesome in one home doesn't look as fab in a new home. It's OK to let go of that.

It's only stuff anyway.

A client once told me that her ex-husband would get upset when she tried to get rid of items that she no longer wanted. He didn't understand why she wanted to get rid of something that she used to love. The kicker here is the *used to* part. That love is in the past so it's ok for her to ditch it.

We often like things because they're shiny and new. As we live with something for a while, it loses its shiny newness and we lose interest. Think about this before you purchase something. You may like it now, but will it stand the test of time? How will you feel about this item in one year? Five? Ten? If you suspect you'll no longer like it in one year, then don't bother purchasing it. If it will five to ten years, then purchase away!

If you lose love for an item, don't worry that you no longer love it. Just donate it, create that fresh new space and move on!