No Love Lost, The Remix

On Monday, I talked about letting go of the things you no longer love, guilt free. Today, I want to talk about the things from the people you no longer love. We too often hold on to the baggage from our past when in truth, it starts to hold on to us. The other day, I was working with a client and we came across a nice thank you card.

Turns out, that card wasn't too nice. 

It was from a person that my client really disliked, yet my client hung on to the card because she liked the statement. She thought she wanted to keep the card because of it's nice sentiment, but the look on her face said otherwise. I offered to hole punch the name out and in the end we knew that card needed to go. 

If you're hanging on to something that was given to you by someone that you no longer like or love or maybe never liked or loved, let it go! The things in your home should make you smile and bring you joy. Your things holding emotional baggage will NEVER make you smile or bring you joy. Even if you still like the item, it doesn't need to be in your life. (i.e. - a ring you love from a boyfriend that betrayed you.)

It's just stuff and it's not allowed to have a hold over your emotions. Ditch it once and never think of it again.

Need an outside perspective to help you let go of your emotional clutter? Let me help!