Quick Tip: Trash Talk

Today's tip is so super simple you'll wonder why I'm saying it.

Have something that's trash?

Throw it away.

Want to know why I think this is  worthy of its own blog post, right?

In every. single. cluttered home I enter, people have trash that needs to be thrown away. Scraps of paper, used envelopes, odd pieces of string, you name it. Nothing gross; it just didn't get thrown away when it should have. The longer you live in clutter, the less you care and the less you do. Many feel "why bother" with something small and simple when there's so much mess anyway. What's an extra drop in an already full bucket of water?

It's the small things that make a difference. That drop can be the one that causes the bucket to overflow. One thing that all of my clients have in common is that they get more frustrated when we get down to these little things. The big stuff generally isn't as frustrating to them. 

Have something that needs to be thrown away? Don't let it add to the clutter. Take the few seconds to get it in the trash!