Quick Tip: Landing Station

Everyone needs a landing station - a place that's close to where you enter/exit your home every day for you to leave the things that enter/leave your home every day. Size and what is needed for the station will be dictated by what your daily items are. For most everybody, you'll want a place to put your shoes, sunglasses, keys and coats in the winter. Women should have a place to lay their purse. You may want a place to put mail.

I'm lucky in that my home is small so nothing is *too* far from the front door. Because of this, my landing station is very simple - a table and small rack of hooks. Purse goes on the table. Shoes go under the table. Sunglasses and keys go on the hooks. If there's something in my purse that I need to attend to (i.e. receipts), it goes on my desk until it is dealt with. When I'm meeting with a client, their file goes on this table ready to leave the house when I do. Same with mail or anything else that I need to take with me when I go.

Landing stations save you the clutter of dropping things where ever they land when you walk in the door and saves you time  trying to find things before you walk out. If you don't have one, set one up right now. It takes mere minutes and you'll be so happy you did.