Are you afraid of making the wrong choice?

Recently, I found myself asking a few of my clients this question and when I see patterns like this I always like to blog about it because I KNOW that many more of you out there think and feel the same thing.

When you try to organize yourself, do you find that you are afraid of making the wrong choice? If so, let go of that fear and make decisions with wild abandon. There is no *wrong* place to put your things. Might there be a better or best place to put something? Sure, but if the original place you put something turns out to be a pain in the ass then you know what?

Move it!

See? Easy.

No decision on where you put something is the end of the world. Don't like where you put it originally? Change it. No harm. No foul. Let go of the doubt and fear of where to place your things. Don't worry that it isn't what someone else you know would do. What does your gut tell you about how you want to live, move and function in your space? Go with it.