Garage Sale Tips

During this time of year, we see a lot of garage sales. If you've been decluttering and want to host your own garage sale, following are some tips to make your items look more enticing.

  • Group all of your items like with like as you would find them in a store - kitchen, tools, etc. This makes it easier for the buyers to find what they're looking for and it just looks better overall.  
  • Make sure to give yourself as much table space as possible. You want the buyers to be able to clearly see each item. The easier it is for them to see, the easier it is for them to buy.  If you have the space, set up separate tables for each category of item and arrange the tables like the layout of a store or the layout of a home.
  • Utilize tablecloths and heights to make your presentation and items look nicer. Even the inexpensive plastic covers from a party store make a difference. If you have any empty milk crates blocks or boxes, wrap those in a matching or coordinating plastic covers and place items of greater value on top of them. This creates a pedestal effect for the potential buyer to more easily see it.  Utilizing different heights in the merchandising of your items creates better visual interest.
  • This goes without saying, but make sure every single item you place out is clean and in good working order. If not, make a little label that says what is wrong with it and how it can easily be fixed.
  • Set up a portable clothesline or rent a clothing rack for clothing. Make sure all clothing items face in the same direction and all the hangars are in the question mark shape as you look at it. Also line up your clothing in size order and pair all like with like. I.e. – all ladies pants are together in size order. Then ladies shirts, jackets, etc. Same with the men’s.  Every little thing you do that makes the buying experience closer to seeming like they are in a store, the more appealing they look and the more apt people are to purchase.
  • While in the planning stages of your garage sale, contact a charity that will pick up items and schedule them to come at the end of your sale to pick up everything that didn’t sell. You’ve already made the decision that you don’t want these things. Scheduling a charity pick up will prevent anything from re-entering and cluttering up your home while you do something good for someone else. It’s a win, win!  
  • Price each item clearly. When determining your prices, don't forget to leave a little haggle room. If you have sets of items, price them as a set to encourage people to take it all.
  • If you save the plastic grocery sacks, this is the time to break them out. Have the bags ready for those that want to that want to purchase more than their arms can carry.
  • Most importantly, greet every single person that walks up to your sale with a warm and welcoming hello.  After all, you are welcoming these people to your home and you want them to buy something. Make them feel welcome and appreciated. Customer service is a dying art, so if you provide it for a garage sale, people may be more apt to purchase something just because they like you and you added a bright spot into their day.

It takes some effort and energy, but it will be worth it when you sell more of your items at better prices. Do you have any tips that helped you at your garage sale? Add them in the comments below.